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OMG Im smothering

Blah blah blah insert annoying small talk in here

Ava: im just a jealous person in general
Red: oh
Ava: usually i ignore it though
Red: i cant ignore jealousy
Ava: you a pretty impuslive person in general
Red: i am?
Red: yeah i guess i am
Red: it's just me
Red: u doing anything eventful tonight
Ava: nope
Red: lol
Red: i wanna watch u play
Red: god that was hot
Ava: when did you watch me?
Red: when we were in the middle of a break during sex, dont u remember
Ava: oh yeah i remember
Ava: well if we get together again it would be like that
Red: really?
Red: i just need to be able to afford to come out to you
Ava: im not comfortable being sexual with you

I cant belive Im having to say this again....ewww icky icky icky

Red: what? really
Ava: well you know we arent together anymore
Red: no kidding
Ava: well i dont want to mess around
Red: ok i was just being flirty
Red: I was just curious
Ava: i mean what do you want from me?
Red: a life
Red: a real relationship
Red: i mean a REAL relationship
Red: like living together and everything
Ava: do you really think we can live together?
Red: i dont know
Red: it's hard to say
Red: brb phone

I went invisible after that. Seriously when is he going to get the point. I think Ive told him at least 4 times that we are not a couple. We will never ever ever be having sex again...and no I have no need for you to come live in my house rent free and be a mooch.

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