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Fricken Frackin

Today was not the best day. I got very upset with a co-worker who was quite frankly being unreasonable. Then my decision was reversed because my someone wanted to leave early to watch the packer game. The same person who made me stay late when I wanted to insanely leave on time because I had plans. Double standards really get me pissy. Well so then I was more than happy when 4pm rolled around and it was time to leave. I go back to my office and grab my purse...hum what is on my $300 coach purse? Then I look into the depths brown stain everywhere! My book is wet and sticky receipts are plastered against the sides. And there at a bottom my coke which was brought for my afternoon break I never got to take. It was mildly dented and there in the center of the dent a crack in the aluminum. An entire can of coke. So I came home and emptied everyone out. My ipod and phone are still in working order so I guess it could be worse. This isn't the type of stain to spot clean so I did something rather insane and popped the whole thing in the washer. We will see how that turns out for me.


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