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Keep your TB to youself please

Picture stolen from Kitten on Flicker.

Today I embarked on the most horrid journey ever made for any female. My vacation festivities landed me 5lbs more than my already way overweight self. Pushing me to the point were my snug pants were unbearable to button. After a minor melt down Sunday night trying to find something to wear I went to the mall to buy bigger pants :(

I fortunately found some pants at JC Penny of all places. 50% off twill flat front khakis that are the perfect rise and length I bought two pairs. So I was feeling pretty good. I went to Barnes and Nobel got a Carmel macchioto skinny no whip and read about Jamie Lynn Spears. Who apparently is defending her mom. And truth be told if your going to be a teen parent at least she can afford her kid.

So after my guilty tabloid pleasures i exited the mall where i was annoying behind a gentleman with BO and tattered clothing who was weaving and walking painfully slow. A cab was parked in the middle of the parking lot isle and i was trying to navigate around him and the parked cab. I made me move when he cut me off headed toward the cab muttered "bitch" not so subtly under his breath and spit at me...literally spit at me. Think Tailor Made on I Love New York 2. Fortunately his aim in spitting was about as good as his precise walking skills and he mostly missed me save a splatter on my new shoes.

Now I am all for giving people a pass. Someone speeds by me in the fast lane so be it maybe they have a family member in the hospital then need to reconcile with before their untimely death. I can rationalize that. Cutting me off in line at the gas station fine...maybe they are late for work. Moving out of your way to cut me off, call me a bitch and spit at me then moving back to get into a cab which is already causing me inconvenience...yeah unforgivable.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    9:14 AM  

    thats the saddest story in the whole world! top