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making a move

I made a big step today you all should be proud. I got my resume and cover letter back from my over-priced resume writer yesterday and wasting no time I applied for 5 yes 5 jobs. All at Mayo. 3 assistant supervisor positions, a Quality Coordinator and a Safety Coordinator position. So you all should wish me luck.

There were a few on the CAP website that looked interesting but I'm just not ready to move to Illinois yet and if I did by chance get an offer that would just be a tough call to make. A new job at mayo will keep me entertained for another couple years. Where I can finish my CLS/MT, beef up my resume with another promotion and make a little more money to make my house a prettier home.

I think a new job will be good for me. I like Mayo and to an extent I like my job, but for awhile now I've been blah about the whole thing. I've gotten to the point where I've learned what I needed to learn and changed what I needed to change and 4 years and the same place is getting a bit old for my fluttery young ADD self. So onward and upward...wish me luck!


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    11:01 AM  

    oh good luck! at sams i was the safety coordinator, but for me that just meant conference calls and making sure people dont kill themselves on forklifts - i learned you cant cure stupid. top