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officially obscure

Pandora has now lead me into liking artists and songs that I cant even find on YouTube sad...and I've actually had to purchase thier music on itunes which to my knoledge I can not share with you...Damn copyrights. Not that I have a problem purchasing music in fact if I like something especially if its a "no name" artist I will most definately buy it. Gotta support my peeps.

Anywho that being said I can not share the exact songs (except the eskobar one) with you but I thought I introduce a few new artists:

First up Cake Bake Betty: Man is she fucked up. He songs (if you dont listen to the words) sound upbeat and catchy light hearted even. Then listen to them and worse yet watch the enclosed video and you are left majorly disturbed and slightly frightened (dont watch this alone at night). That being said Im in love. I bought her entire album "songs about teeth" its AMAZING!

Smoosh: Okay your scared now right? Well have no fear I have for the first time in a very LONG time found a pop sensation I can actually get behind. Its a girl band 3 sisters pre-teens (think girl hanson). I know I know it sounds like nails on a chalkboard right? NO! Amazingly unlike hanson they are not annoying. Give it a chance.

Eskobar: Allright if I have any viewing audience left...this is more "classic" Ava music taste. They remind me a little of dashboard confessional with a bit of ben folds. Im sure the world will disagree but hey its my opinion here.

By your side

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