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I don't like rejection. I got letters for both my cordinator positions. I double checked the listing and I am qualified, I would think I could at least get an interview for that...but no. Im pretty bummed it woudl have been awsome. And maybe Im just being a paranoid schitzophrenic but i think there was a little internal sabatoging going on. Coincidentally theses were the two jobs that the lab knew I was applying for. But Im going to go ahead and realize that I only met the MINIMUN requirments and my coverletter and resume were more crafted towards an assitant position.

Speaking of which...my first choice for an assistant supervisor position is looking good. Its sitting on the hiring managers desk. Also its not within my division so interaction with my current lab is limited. Also the assitant from another part of my lab knows the supervisor and is friends with the managment staff, and she said she would call and put a good word in for me. So I'm just going to sit and wait. Its really all I can do right now.

Well I havent gotten a rejection letter since 2003 so I figure Im overdue.

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