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I wish I may I wish I might...

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I officially have two interviews scheduled for next week. (Tue and Friday). They are behavioral interviews....groan. So I decided I should prepare so I don't look like a giant goober. Apperantly there is a lot of information out there on this sort of thing. The S-T-A-R method comes highly recomended on several sites basically you answer the question in the following format.
S- situation
T- task
A- action
R- result

Excited to try out my method I looked up some sample questions:

What is your typical way of dealing with conflict?

My boss was unhappy that certain results were not available as quickly as she would have liked. I had prioritized them low because they did not have any patient impact.
T- Make my boss realize that she is waaay overreacting and that I prioritized correctly
A- Look down at my papers dont explain myself, grit my teeth and concentrating on not crying or screeming
R- I went home from work and got drunk by myself on two bottles of wine and have avoided contact with her ever since.

Huuummmm maybe I should work on finding some better examples


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