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I'm going to do something most people dont complain about...my roomate doing the dishes. I clean the rest of the kitchen she is in charge of dishes since she generates about 3x's the amount of dishes I do (since I eat out most of the time). My problem is how she does them.
Step1: Wait until both sinks are so ful that you can no longer fill a measuring cup without traveling to the bathroom faucet.
Step 2: Remove the largest pans covered in black grease and 3-day onld sink water from the pile and set them on the counter (perferedly on top of roomate avas tax forms). Go back to step 1.
Step 3: Begin leaving pans, dishes and glasses on the stove itself so now one can not even cook to create more dishes.
Step 4: Use the last spoon, knife or fork. (did I mention I own a minimum of four complete sets of flatware)
Step 5: Wait 3 days because you know your roomate is nerodic and its driving her crazy so she might do it when she cleans the kitchen. (To be fair I am to blame for this pattern because sometimes it does really just drive me that insane...now I clean the surfaces not covered by dishes and call it a day).
Step 6: After the 3 days has past wait for a perfect day.

Today I was awoken prematuraley twice. The first time was by smiley at 6:30 with a warm hand rubbing my back and some kisses. Nice. After smiley departed for work I easily drifted back off to sleep.

The second time was at 8am to simultanious water running, glass clanking, drawer slamming, cooking and dishes making nosises ever. I just wanted to sleep. I rather have a kitchen full of dishes than a roomate who has wakes me up while doing them.

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