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I'll Charge It

What a successful shopping day. After searching for weeks….WEEKS today on a whim I stopped at lane Bryant to see if they had anything for my interviews on Tuesday and Friday. And I found it the PERFECT BLACK SUIT. The professional equivalent of the little black dress and it was in separates. Which meant I got to buy my jacket a size larger to fit my boobs major bonus. Also lane Bryant has extended there jeans sizing (where it is based on body type) to their dress pants…so for the first time EVER I have dress pants that fit and are long enough….even too long! The jacket is a smidge short (as is the style of the moment) but instead of looking stupid is just slightly flares out at the hips giving the pleasing illusion that I have a waist. It has a hidden hook closure so its very streamline. The pants are long, not too baggy and bootcut. I feel like I could kick some major ass in this suit.

Well since the pants were a smidge long this gave me the opportunity to buy a new pair of black shoes. All my nice ones are flats. Besides I had been coveting some but hadent purchased then because I had nowhere to wear them. Behold the most and comfortable black heels…a little retro 40’s. Its by this company called sofft is a sister brand to my beloved borns.

Then just because I was walking past the fragrance counter and my euphoria bottle broke I decided to get a new one…and since I was there I did a few wiffs in case something struck my fancy. Well the Macy’s lady was very helpful and using my two signature scents (insolence and euphoria) she made two recommendations. One I hated but the other I loved…so I picked it up. DKNY Delicious Night.

I love being a girl!

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    1:11 AM  

    ooooh i love softs! i need to get a pair, i also need a suit so maybe i should visit and see if i can wedge myself in a lane bryant number. toodles. top