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Oopsie Tootsie

Okay so Im at water aerobics the other night you know jumping and splashing with all the old ladies having a good time. When all of a sudden it hits me...GAS. Okay I think to myself I can hold this in....just remain calm clench bum. It becomes quickly apperant that there is no way this baby can stay in for another 30minutes of bouncing around. So I miander my way to the back of the pool up against the lane marker. Good I think noone will notice if Im back here. I check the lady to my right....to my left....all clear. And I let it rip and it was explosive I feld the bubbles rumble to the surface. Eh I think that was pretty big I better check around. Lady to right all good, lady to left all goo.....oh fuckin shit who is that. Ill tell you who it is swimming by in the swim lane directly behind me a snorkeler. She must have been about a foot from the blast using goggels to witness it. Oh the shame the embarasment after all my careful planning. And the worst part is Im sure she was wounded by the blast because as soon as she got to the end of the lane she got out of the pool and left. I didnt have the balls to look at her or her expresion but Im sure I got a dirty look.


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