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A Bit of Bitter Babble Returns

Well I have decided to resurect my blog..which technically wasnt a blog when I had the idea five years ago..before it was "trendy." It is currently a very rainy very boring saturday afternoon. I can not take the dog to the park so he is snoozing on my bed on top of my robe. This is the best possible position for him to ensure that his fur is woven into the fabric thus causing me to be covered with fur the instant I get out of the shower. Because clean wet skin is a magnet for pet hair. Well I know what you are thinking move the damn robe and stop bitching but well we all know thats just not my way.

My computer has a virus this is also pissing me off since I dont know diddle squat about computers. Allthough I suppose I do know that I should have some sort of virus software before downloading a bunch of crap off the internet but as Rory would say "highnsight is 20/20" (side note I should put that on a list of pharses that annoy me perhaps next post) So the moral of the story is that I can get into itunes and morpheus but not really do much allthough the internet is working fine...go figure. If I click on any of my shortcuts to any other programs I get this dr.watson postmortem debbuger faliure and everything freezes up. I thought this virus stuff would get old. The people who make this shit really must not have much of a life. I mean I dont have a whole lot to do most of the time but you dont go and see me causing a ruckus. perhaps next time I am bored I should go spraypaint some kittens or tell some new mother her baby is ugly. Just a thought

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