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Babies Havin' Babies

So Im at work and I get this email from an old college friend. Now I use the term friend very generously for this story because really she just happend to live on the same floor as me my freshman year and I havent seen her in person since. Our communication has been limited to maybe 3IM conversations and her sending me about one lame friendship foward a week.

So anyways back to this email. She somehow pop'd out a kid. Now first of all I didnt even know she was married let alone pregnant. I think I knew she was engaged like a year ago but whatever. My point is this mass email to about 15people of which I can only assume she has annoyed with endless fowards got this heartwarming message which included her registry information.

Now Im not really expected to fork over cash for this little bundle am I? Im not a terribly cheep person. However I see major issue with sending any type of cash to someone whom I havent seen or spoken to in 5yrs and I find the registry information rather presumptious on her part. I card might be apropriate but Im too lazy besides I dont even know her address. I may bring myself to press reply on the email and say something but I really doubt Ill even do that. Maybe it will piss her off enough to take me off the national "girlfriends" day distribution list. One can only hope.

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