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Banana Theif

Today I was making my lunch and had assembled some cereal, a rice crispy treat and banana on the counter. I waltz over to pantry to get a bag and return to the stove to start packing my lunch.

Cereal, rice crispy treatthe hell? I could have sworn I had a banana over here. I look on the counterno banana. I look at the floor and there was Belmont sitting by my feet looking at me. No he couldnt have stolen it I didnt even leave the room. Theres no peel. Nothing went crashing down to the floor.

I am still dissatisfied by the case of the missing banana I am pretty sure that Belmont ate it. I went back and looked at the banana stockpile. I purchased two and one remained. I know I didnt eat it and but someone had to. I am just curious as to how a dog so clumsy could thieve so quietly. I will have to monitor his pooping to solve the mystery.

This is just another example of Belmont being dumb. If he had any sense at all he would have taken the rice crispy treat.


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