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Humpty Dumpty

After a large meal I decided that maybe I shouldnt be such a total slug and go for a bike ride on my new bike. It seemed the perfect destination would be the dog park. Ed and I got on our new bikes and I attached Belmont to a leash and tied it onto my handle bars. This was Belmonts second bike ride.

Now there is something you need to know about Belmont he doesnt listen and in turn he does not heel. So Im cruising down a stretch of straight pavement when my furry Einstein gets the idea to veer in front of the bike. I grab the brakes but it is too lateI loose control veering off the sidewalk into the grass where the bike falls over and I do a tuck and roll landing ending on Belmonts head. Ben described the seen as rather hilarious saying, "I thought you would never stop tumbling.....you just kept falling."

For all of you that are concerned about my well being unlike Ed. I am just fine I have a bruise on my chin presumably from Belmonts fat head and a grass stain on my jeans but I am able to carry on. Belmont got a swat to the rump and stern talking to. At least he paid better attention for the rest of the ride.

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