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Degrassi (the next generation) Paige is a Lez!

Okay so I am in love with the show Degrassi. I realize that thier target audience is most likely pre-teens but I just cant seem to help myself. I watched an episode last night the premier of this season and apperantly I am way out of the loop. I missed most of last season due to my hatred of charter communications I was without cable until I went crawling back.

Anyways here were the highlights from the show I watched last night:

Liberty: Had a Baby!!! What the fuck? Liberty is little miss goody-goody school president honors society type. She is always preaching at people and is generally the type of person I would like to kick. It wasnt clear who the father was from this episode but I'm thinking it was JT. JT and Liberty are not talking and toby is acting like go-between between them. I was a little dissapointed this wasnt more of a liberty rich episode I mean there was allot more drama that could have been added in. Liberty was far too composed about everything I think it just makes me dislike her more.

Marco: God his hear is looking even worse. The cutiest degrassi gay-boy is so going down hill. He is now wearing his hair in Sean Paul-style dreds...its bad.

Elle & Craig: There is some obvious tension between these too. Love is in the air. (Oh but Craige is dating Manny)

Manny: Shes still looking pretty skank-a-rific. Her new modified shag haircut really isnt doing it for me.

The Band: (Craig, Elle, Marco and Jimmy) have a manager now and he hates Elle and her bad drumming. Basically the band is going to break up and Craig is going to take it on his own because he is such an awsome singer (gag).

Emma: So she was at the premier (all of the clan was in some movie and they all went to the premier) and after the showing she snuck off with the principals naughty son to make out in the theater. Well was she shocked when she saw her step dad (mr.simpson) making out with the new hot lady priniciple. Emma stuggles to tell her mom all episode and finally cracks at the end. Mr. Simpson left the house to stay at Joey's for awhile.

Okay now for the big story line:

Paige: So Paige and Alex have been buddy buddy lately since they have been working together at the movie consession stand. For those of you that dont remember alex she was the brunett bitch that was one of Seans bad influence friends. Anyways Alex has fallen for our fair head cheerleader. They were flirty flirty all night at the premier where Alex was trying to cheer Paige up because she was cut from the movie. Then when they got back to Paiges hous Alex kissed her. Paige freaks out and goes to sleep on the couch. The next day they do talk about it behind the school or something and Paige kisses Alex! AWWW! Anyways Alex's ex-boyfriend sees this I forget his name and tells Hazel. Hazel confronts Paige infront of the whole squad saying, "What is she like your girlfriend now?" Paige of course goes on the defensive saying that it was just a moment she got caught up on and Alex means nothing to her. Of course Alex hears this and is devistated. Well the episode ends with Alex sitting at home with her dysfunctional family and ex-boyfriend who is trying to get in the picture (maybe his name is Jay). She goes out to get some air and there is Paige standing outside. Paige basically says shes sorry and asks if there is room in her life for a silly girl who doesnt care so much what other people thing anymore." AWWW! Alex says, "I think so." Oh so cute. End Scene.

I have high hopes for this season, so much drama I freakin love canadian telivision. Its going to be like Saved by the Bell meets the L-word. Two beautiful worlds collide. Allright Ive wasted far to much time. Im out.

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