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Lance Armstrong Puke!

Okay since most of you who would stumble upon my blog have most likely read eds post on my hatred of Lance Armstrong and for those of you who dont here are the highlights of my quotes as transposed by ed:

  • "Every time he opens his mouth, all I can think is 'God, what a prick!'"
  • "The next person I see wearing a Live Strong bracelet is gonna get bitch slapped."
  • Everyone in the world just loves him, but he makes me just want to throw up!"

He forgot the Just because hes a cancer survior doesnt make him some kind of hero.

Okay so maybe I was a little harsh.

If you are brave enough to keep reading let me defend myself. I have nothing against being a cycling superstarand I of course dont begrudge the guy for living through brain and testicular cancer. But still that doesnt necessarily make him a good person. I am not really annoyed at Lance Armstrong its the massess that anger me. The the general public has choosen to idolize the guy and treat him like he walks on water. No one and I mean no one ever says anything bad about him. Thefore I have decided to stike an oposition. Stone me if you must.


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