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Cell Phone Etiquette

I was out to dinner at Outback and had just finished my meal and was beached in the booth waiting for Ed to finish his meal. Two ladies come and sit down in a booth across the aisle from us. They chatter are chattering at a respectable volume when one of the ladies cell phone rings. First of all its loud and something obnoxious like the intro from the A-team. She flips open her phone and starts talkingyeah shes a screamer. Wow lady I dont think the person in the parking lot needed to know you had Burger King for lunch.

She fortunately hangs up the phone after a brief conversation for which I was temporarily thankful. But little was I to know the atrocities that were to follow. She did not replace her phone into her purseno that would be INSANE! She proceeded to flip through all her options for cell phone rings. Pausing briefly after each one to explain its origin and where she downloaded it from.

Oh wait. She would say to her compainion. You have to hear this one its Baby Got Back!

Oh and heres the polyphonic version. I just couldnt decide which I liked better. She continued on like this for quite some time.

I had to endure:

  • The crazy frog
  • The Devil Went Down to Georgia
  • Something by Nickleback
  • And of course the CanCan

This is by no means a complete list I am not able to remember all of them since my brain has begun to block the experience out as some sort of defense mechanism. So I leave you with this. I plead to you my general public if you must pick a unique cell phone ring for all of your friends do so in the privacy of you own home. Thank yourant concluded.

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