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Damn You Coldstone Creamery

So I have this uncanny ability to attract horrid service dinning establishments. Thus I have many places that I am boycotting. affectionately known as the list. I restaurant can easily prevent itself from being on my list by:

A. Just doing their goddamn job in the first place

B. Compensating me for my mental distress.

C. Being really really good so I cant resist eating there.

Today is Ed's b-day and we decided to his Coldstone creamery for a bit of a late nice ice-cream snack. Coldstone is a bit pricey so we always like to get a pint each and take it to go. Its not much more expensive than getting a regular size and it in theory has the opportunity to last longer. Of course I bet you can imagine how well that goes.

So we enter and there are 4 teenage girls behind the counterthere are about 4 teens in front of us. They obviously all knew each other and were talking. About a year later the foursome gets their ice-cream (which by the way wasnt paid for) and one of the girls takes the time to help us.

Help is a creative word to use here since she was just standing in front us looking annoyed. I let Ed go first and he ordered a pint of peanut butter ice cream. She scooped up a bit that looked way to small to be a pint. So as shes adding the mix-ins I said (much louder than necessary). Ed HONEY YOU KNOW WITH A PINT YOU CAN GET THREE MIX-INS IF YOU WANT. This chick was too oblivious. She puts the ice cream in a like-it cupwhich is code for the smallest size they sell.

Okay tangent but what the fuck is up with sizing like that. Why cant it just be Small, Medium and Large? I dont understand the difference between large, Biggie and Grande and when you start throwing in gotta have it you are asking for a beating in my opinion.

I have taken at starbucks to ordering a SMALL mocha latte. Its not that I dont understand the Starbucks lingo Im completely fine with saying skinny or no whip that has a purpose. Saying Tall instead of small? Theres just no need. When I ask for my small coffee the little girl behind her counter cocks her empty little head and inevitably asks Do you mean tall? I stare her down and want to say NO you over-caffeinated bitch I mean small. However seeing I dont want my coffee spit in I just nod. Now she thinks Im the idiot.

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