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Moon Over Housewares

Ed was in a funk today. The morning hadnt gone exactly as planned. We woke up and went to church arrived just in time to see everyone leaving. We were hoping to catch the priest to pin down some wedding details. Apparently that wasnt meant to be since the priest is in Poland for the next two weeks.

We drop off our offering and head back home. As we are pulling out I mentionhey do you mind if we stop over at mall of America? Now anyone who has gone to the MOA knows that there is no quick pop in and out.

I cautiously choose my words, Id just like to stop in and look at some china patterns. To Eds merit he quietly accepted his fate and saidUmm ok.

After looking at dishes for two hours Ed is walking around with his hands in his pockets generally being a poop. Of course he did forget his belt so his hands were basically holding up his pants while drooling over pots and gadgets in the kitchen section. He was pawing at a Henkles knife when a devilish idea entered my brain spawned by the site of his droopy drawers.

Im not all cruel I look to the left, look to the rightbehind me all clear! I walk up behind him and with one hand on each side of his leg grab and pull his pants down. Now it was not my original intention but the result was a full de-pantsing.

Okay so just imagine this Ed was standing in the middle of Bloomingdales with his pants and undergarments around his ankles. I didnt mean to draw attention but youd fall over laughing too if you heard the squeak that came out of him and saw that pale derriere out in the open.

You know despite all my hard work to cheer him up he was still cranky after that....hum I guess some people just cant be pleased.

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