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Shit Break

I have this thing with pooping. I may only poop under certain conditions. The bathroom must be quiet, private and there must be no one waiting around for me. This in general does not pose a problem. My fear is of someone knowing that my shit does indeed stink.

Of course pooping in the privacy of ones home is not always an option so I try to plan out alternative locations should the need arrive. For instance at work, I spend quite allot of time there and in the two and a half years Ive been working in my lab I have occasionally had a poop that could not wait until 4:30pm.

The bathroom in my area is very popular and I am always afraid people will recognize my shoes and pin me as stinky poop girl. Fortunately just a short 30 second walk down the hall in the opposite direction will bring me to a connected building and a whole other bathroom option.

This bathroom is ideal for privacy. The surrounding area is all lecture halls primarily used by med school students and for large meetings. This means the bathroom is really only being used for a ten minute span between hours. In all of my time using it I have neverNEVER seen another human being in there, until today.

I meandered down the hall at 2:20 (well after the 2pm rush) and entered into my stall for some good quality me time. Just then the door openedoh no my worst fears have materialized. The intruder decided to occupy the stall next to me (opposed to the five other vacant stalls she could have taken) she quickly finished her business and left without washing her hands (gross).

I was taken aback. I understand that this is a public bathroom but I had come to think of it as my personal haven. Now realizing that I do have to share it with others has ruined the sanctity of my pooping room. I will now have to seek out uncharted territory and find a new more secret potty to do my duties.

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