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Where is my Umbrella?

There is a little black rain cloud that lives above my head. Wherever I go it follows me. It all began in grade school I friend would be jabbering to me I not wanting to get into trouble again for talking would sit quietly and mind my own business. Ava stop talking! I dont want to remind you again! The teacher would reprimand. I would try to protest since I had not been the one talking but le sigh even at a young age I knew it was hopeless to protest.

I think the problem is that I suffer from a guilty conscience. The moment an authority figure directs their downcast gaze into my direction I crack. I start to confess. It doesnt matter whether I did it or not I just start to spew forth apologies. This has caused me to lead a pretty clean and crime free life. Sure I will indulge in the occasional speeding but thats pretty much the extent of my illegal activity. I dont even steal grapes before buying them.

Today I was reminded of my little black rain cloud as I wrote out a check for $8.00 to the City of LaCrosse, Wisconsin for a parking ticket I received this weekend. Alice, Will and I were going to Piggys for dinner. I was cruising through a pretty full parking spot when Dwight points out a spot I had just passed up. Now I would have been perfectly content to drive around the parking lot in order to drive into the space but I was urged on by my cronies to back into the spot.

I DO NOT back into parking spots as a general rule. I dont know why but I find it to be a very difficult task so I never even attempt it. I really think it may have been my first time trying it. With Jamie and Dwights coaching along with about half a dozen pull up and back adjustments I had backed into the parking spot. We went off to dinner.

Okay on a side note Piggys was great and if you are ever in LaCrosse I highly suggest checking it out. They carried my favorite wine they had a cigar smoking room which smelled like rich along with the most comfortable leather couches. The whole restaurant looked like a mens club library all mahogany and leather.

So after a lovely dinner and glass of wine we return to the parking lot. There is a bright orange ticket on my window. WTF? Jamie and Dwight joke that maybe I got it for backing in. I look around seriously.is it not a spot? I dont get itno other cars have tickets.

I grab the vulgar colored envelope and open it to findParking violation $8.00 Space was backed into.

I announce my crime and all of us burst out laughing. We did investigate and there was a sign about the size of a postage stamp at the entrance of the parking lot. Now this is what gets me there is also a sign that says park only in marked spots (this is a much more obvious rule in my opinion I dont even think a sign for such a regulation would be necessary.)

There were three carsTHREE parked along the curb in the aisle-way these are not marked spots did they have tickets? NO! Oh and get this.there was also a car parked in the little diagonal lined spots that are always next to handicapped spots.ticket? Hello NO!

Ahhh yes I see that Im the hellion here the person who is not blocking traffic who parks in a proper spot within the lines, yes yes I am the one that needs to learn a lesson. This is the life of Ava.

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