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Who's The Fairest of Them All?

I worked late last night so I decided to skip out of work a couple hours early today. I really love doing that but there are disadvantages the major one being the ride home. During normal working hours the city busses are filled with mayo commuters like me that have no need to talk to one another. We listen to our I-Pods, stare out the window or read a book. Some people talk but never EVER would anyone thing of interrupting someone while they are obviously trying to avoid awkwardconversation by participating in some form of quite activity.

The people on the day time busses dont seem to understand the commuter rules. In their own defense most of them have some sort of disability. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against people with mental handicaps but I really dont know how to respond to them most of the time and end up having long odd conversations where I mostly smile and nod like and idot.

My bus is due to arrive in about 5minutes and Im strolling down the street listening to my I-Pod minding my own business. I sit down by myself on the ledge against the building. I girl sitting on a bench about 20ft away from me gets up, walks over and sits next to me. I stare at my shoes and I hear her ask me a question. She has asked it loud enough that I couldnt ignore hearing her, but my music was so loud I couldnt make out what she was saying over the Gorillas chanting in my ears. Gwar. annoyance I see I am going to have to participate. I remove my earphones.

She repeats her question, What bus are you waiting for?

Me: Five

Girl: Meee toooo~!

Oh dear Now Im going to have to ride the bus with her talking to me too.

Girl: I just had to come sit by youyou look so nice today.

Me: Oh thank you.

I am not good at taking complements but seeing as Im not a total sea hag Ive had to learn to accept them gratefully even if it is akward. What bothered me is how did she know I looked nice today? I mean I did wear makeup today I guess I looked okay but she didnt have any sort of baseline of my daily appearance to make such a comment.

Girl: You are really pretty.

Me: Umm thanks? All right shes laying it on pretty thick now.

Girl: Ive never been around such a pretty girl before. **Giggle** you are the prettiest girl Ive ever seen.

Me: **Blush** Umm come on now your embarrassing me.

The bus pulls up. I let her get on first she sits in the front seatI walk to the back of the bus turn on my I-pod and stare out the window. Wow prettiest girl in the world Ive never heard that before.

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