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I am Briliant Thank You for Noticing

Today goes down in history as the first day that I am the proud holder of a report card with straight A's. Yes it took 25 years and was only two classes but hey I will take what I can get.

My feelings are reminicent of college. At the end of each semester when I saw those grades honestly I didnt much care what they were as long as I passed all I could think was well Im however many credits closer to the end. Do I just have a horid outlook on education? I really dont enjoy it, I dont feel like a better person because I learned something I will most likely never use.

Actually when I look back on my college education I fell like there were only two classes of value that I took out of the 4.5 years. Biometry (Biology based statistics) and Immunology (which is only helpful because I work in an immunology lab and quite frankly it doesnt really help me out that much)


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