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I don't fell like dating today

Not too much on the dating front today. Twins and I are now in open communication. He send me an email saying that he’s in a “bind” and basically is weighing his options with women and who is better. I am not much for competition. I will not start listing how great I am in order for some guy to think I’m worthy enough to date. I sent him a response probably not as showboaty as he would have liked we will see what he has to say…I’m thinking it was be a closed match.

As per request I called Orgy after work. I was so tired I really didn’t listen to anything he said we made plans to talk again but quite frankly I tuned out what he was saying so for all I know he said Ill talk to you in a few weeks I’m going on vacation. I put up about 20 new pictures on facebook. He asked for more pictures so he’s got ‘em. Of course many of them are quite bad but oh well I can look like a princess all the time.

Ok I’m going to bed now.

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