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Whales swim why not me?

I love to swim. And by swim I mean being the annoying way to old 26year old at the deep end of the pool doing handstands and somersaults while people are trying to exercise at the healthy living center. The thought of buying a swimsuit is horrible to most overweight people but quite frankly I don't mind it and look forward to my yearly splurge of buying a suit prior to my beach friendly vacation.

I have noticed in the past couple years that buying a suit is nearly impossible. I've gone to the stores and the plus size rack has about 4-suits

  1. Plain black tankini
  2. Neon Orange/Yellow one-piece with weird blocky parts
  3. Horrid flowered one-piece monstrosity complete with ruffled skirt
  4. weird hybrid of a fake speedo and sewn on leftover from the 80's short men's trunks
The only suit acceptable in public would be no.1 however since I happen to have a long torso the tank portion ends about 2-inches about the -ini...leaving the tummy roll exposed which is quite possibly the worst two inches that could be exposed.

I was determined. I have two cute suits and one speedo type suit I didn't NEED a new suit by by god I wanted one. So I went to the thing that probably made me fat in the first place my friend the Internet and found Always for Me yes I'm plugging get over it.

Anyways bought a way cute suit...and a cute cover up. Now I just need a pair of ridiculous sunglasses complete with head scarf. I am cruise worthy.

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