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Teeth, Smoking, and dying people

No I don't have anything interesting to say so don't get too excited. I bought a new teeth whiting kit. I occasionally do this, it usually happens after sitting in a meeting for an excessively long amount of time and staring at peoples teeth. I got a kit from Rembrandt, you put the little molds in hot water and they actually shape to fit your teeth so that's cool. Also white teeth will be a major bonus to the who not smoking thing.

Speaking of not smoking it has been pretty easy to keep with it since the most contact I get with smokers is passing them in the street. The real test happened this weekend. Rory came and visited. Shes an old school smoker, even gave me my first puff of a cigarette at a house party. She has cute back since then but there still were the smoke breaks, but I held firm. I must admit even though it smelled bad, and I know its awful for me the temptation was there. Sigh its pathetic though. I know if I have just one Ill be right back to where I started. So yeah be proud of me.

On the job front I'm getting more and more excited about my new job. I have my official transfer date of April 16th. I have heard nothing but good things about the area and about my new supervisor. She has been very nice and seems excited to have me. The only lingering issue I have is the dying people thing. The team serves the intensive care patients....intensive care patients usually means things aren't going there way. Of course many people get better but odds say I'm going to have to deal with knowing and probably seeing someone die at some point. I'm such a cry baby. But supposedly empathy is a gift so maybe I can give it away.

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    5:29 PM  

    empathy is a gift? are we writing for hallmark? haha good luck on the new job kiddo! top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    8:07 PM  

    The comment had every intention of being sarcastic...duh. However Im completely honest when I say your friendship is the warmth that comforts me through the bitter cold of winter....I just threw up a little. top

  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    6:52 PM  

    Your will power motivated me to get back the Chantix and suffer some more delightful dreams and horrible sleep. So we'll see how tomorrow my offical quit day goes -- I'm not having fits or cravings, but I've allowed myself smoke breaks this week... I need a hobby to keep my mind off of it. I wish I had a hobby lobby around!

    Good Job to Ava!

    Rory top