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The Job Offer

Its been a rough couple days. I got a job offer on the job I didn't want, and a rejection on the job I really wanted. I have effectively avoided homework, laundry and all cleaning activities relating to bathroom and floors for the last 7 days.

So its decision time: The offer is for an Assistant Supervisor position of the Vascular Access Team

What is the vascular access team you ask? Well I will tell you, they are the people that go around to intensive care units and put in iv needles and draw blood out of those tricky plastic things that hang out in there.

But Ava isn't it true you work in a high complexity laboratory you have no experience with patients and you drew blood for school and haven't touched a vein to a needle since? Umm yes.

Ava isn't it true you hate anything to do with drawing blood and you would be supervising people who not only draw blood but do it in challenging situation? Umm I guess

Okay so the job sounds ridiculous for me, but to give it a fair shot I had to weight the pros and con's.

Pro: Evening shift, I hate getting up early. Plus usually evening shifts are more laid back unless you are a cop or work for the ER. Also if I do loose my mind and go to grad school it would be a very good schedule.

Con: I don't know how to draw blood (well) this is mostly on purpose.

Pro: MONEY. I would get a 9.2% raise and then another raise in June for another 4.5% or more. That's a lot of money....way more than I would get with a quality II job.

Con: Lots of Intensive Care work...dying people. I don't like dying people, I'm a crier.

Pro: Parking and scrubs

So I took it. You know if I can handle my current position (without completly loosing my mind) I can get over this blood business.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    11:19 AM  

    you could be working near me. we have VAT on my icu. BISH from myspace top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    12:32 PM  

    hooray on the job, i wish i could wear scrubs, just think about it.... id never have to get dressed again. id just bedazzle my scrubs for dates and galas. top

  • Blogger Punky says so:
    7:47 PM  

    if you ever puke from the sight of blood -- i hope you'll blog about it with a fantastic picture. PS this weekend was great -- I think I gained 10 lbs. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    9:32 PM  

    I've never even been close to puking from blood. But if it happens thats primo blog material I simply couldnt pass up. top