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My Bucket List

Picture Stolen From Efikim Gallery.

No this is not a movie review. In fact I haven't even seen the movie "the bucket list" but in my daydreams avoiding the work I brought home tonight I have decided to make my own version.

Now I haven't pre-prepared this so I may have to revise items later. Then again I tend to over analyze so maybe spur of the moment is good for me.

Things to do before I kick the bucket

1- Take two months to tour the following countries: Italy, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. 3 weeks: Japan & China, 3 weeks: Australia & New Zealand. I would stay in low budget hotels and take the train...visit museums and eat at local cafes I think I can do it for $50,000.

2- Clean out my entire house and sell anything that I do not love (get rid of that chair I don't like anymore) or need (have not touched in the past month). Any exceptions or keepsakes must be able to fit in a cedar chest, donate or throw away what did sell. Move into a new house that's small, paint every room a different color and actually decorate it to be mine!

3- Compile all my blogs and my journals into a physical book. Have it bound and printed. Put it in a safety deposit box.

4- Write a letter to everyone that has made a difference in my life. To thank them for everything they have done for me. I have passed up so many opportunities to thank people that have helped me in life. Find as many addresses as I can, and send the letters.

5- Shop at co-op, don't make or eat anything made by someone else for 1 full month. (Only visit the produce, dairy and meat sections). If its in a box, bottle or in a restaurant its off limits.

6- Be a mentor or parent to a child. Foster, adopt, have my own whatev.

7- Fix into a size 12...without sucking in after eating a large meal (i.e. a comfortable size 12)

8- Do something amazing for my parents.

9- Give $1,000 dollars anonymously to someone who needs it

10- Read up on at least 10 religions, write what I like and don't like from each one. When I'm done write my final draft of my own beliefs.

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