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Skip the death but I love taxes

Okay so I don't love taxes but I do love tax refunds. It has been my habit to use my federal refund for something responsible usually school or debt related. But the blessed state refund is to spent on things I really really want to a point of being a "need." For instance last year I spent my refund on a pair of black pearl and diamond earrings, a snow blower and a 30 Gig I-pod video to replace my way overtaxed and outdated pink mini.

I was very pleasantly surprised this payday when checking my balance and finding the once a year 800+ thank you for being an American and overpaying bonus. I waited a whole 3 days before going crazy at Target today I spent $485.00 of my refund. The rest is going to a new scrub wardrobe and some nursing shoes so I can fit in with the cool kids at my new job.

  1. $34.98: X-Tall Pet Gate with swinging door so I don't have to take the gate down every time I want to go downstairs or alternatively try to jump it and fall to my death a carpeted half flight below.
  2. $249.99: Bose computer speaker system to replace my stereo from high school connected to my laptop by a tape on a cable (yes I am serious).
  3. $7.98: Three Twelve packs of regular non-diet coke in a can
  4. $149.00: Hover Floor Vac which vacuums wet and dry and can be used on all my upstairs flooring surfaces (wood, tile and linoleum).
  5. $6.84: Hoover Floor Cleaning Solution
  6. $4.79: Clorox Wipes
  7. 13.79 impulse bottle of wine after turning into the liquor store at a stop light.
Getting drunk, listening to loud crystal clear music and walking barefoot on my floors without crap getting stuck to my feet....Priceless!

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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    10:17 AM  

    that all sounds quite lovely! does your ipod hook directly into the speakers or would you play itunes through the computer? these are things i need to know. top

  • Blogger Ava Mazur says so:
    1:02 PM  

    Well I will tell you my pet, the answer is YES! To both! You can plug it into your laptop OR you can plug it into the earphone jack of your i-pod. The only disadvantage is it doesnt have a remote for such purposes, but I thought the sound was better on this one and it was a little cheeper. I guess I could always get an i-pod remote but that just seems excessive. top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    3:09 PM  

    you can NEVER have too many ipod accessories. NEVER. top