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Reader Request

Some examples of my new camera fun

This one is the Color Accent mode. You start out selecting (basically taking a picture) of just the color you want. In this case I chose Yellow. Then when you half hold down the button you get a preview of how you picture will look. Theoretically this is all good but the problem is the in order to get all the yellow with shadows in any given object the filter is a bit too generous. So although it does a decent job you have to do a little photoshoping to get it perfect. For this one in Picasa I had to use the B&W around a radius function (which is not very effective on its own because you basically just get a circle of color) but it is exact enough so I could filter out my Yellowy/green pear candle to the right of my flowers. A combo of the two and your golden (I do so love picasa).

This is the color swap mode....today our model will be Rosa. You select two colors this time. I chose white and then pink. Take the picture and viola. Cant figure out a photoshop fix for that garbage bag I'm just going to take it as a lesson that my trash should migrate farther than the back door.

Now here is one of those I'm trying to look artistic for my facebook/myspace profile pics. Don't JUDGE ME! So basically this is a way of using a color swap as a color wash. I first chose my skin color and then my eye color. The result is a monochromatic scene with pink lips. If I was planning ahead the picture would have been better with lipstick because them my lips wouldn't be so close to my skin color and they would have stood out more. Other bonuses of the color swap it seems to have a skin smoothing and dark circles affect. All I can say is this is the only pic I have on the Internet where I am not wearing any makeup AND I did not photoshop in anyway so this camera already is a winner with me.

And yes I know this is a picture of me and at first when I transferred all my old blogs onto here I wanted it to be anonymous which worked for all of 2weeks. So Im giving up on that now. Although I'm still keeping the pen name Ava Mazur because I don't need my dad googling my real name and finding out about my vibrator collection.


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  • Anonymous alice says so:
    8:45 PM  

    nice, nice. see i told you i knew what camera you should have gotten. oh and im keeping my name on here as well. the cubs and brewers are tied 2-2 top of the 4th. i love dvr. top

  • Anonymous Jennifer says so:
    8:44 AM  

    Rosa looks good in pink! I really like the color swapping magic. I am going to have to play with that a little bit myself. top