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Wise Up

I just had a weird flash-back. Here I am sufficiently drunk and doing homework at 3pm on a Saturday when I song comes up on Pandora. I was listening to the Regina Spektor station and what that has to do with amiee mann Im not sure but the song came on. Wise up is not a new song. It has been on various self-burned c.d.'s was on my first I-tunes library and still lives happily on my top-rated list. Perhaps it was the third glass of wine, perhaps it over-influence of religion but this song gave me one hell of a flash back today.

I remember being in my first apartment I would get the date to be fall 2001. I had the major depression thing going. I remember being alone in my first apartment with its little sunshiny bright walls blasting this song and crying while wearing a lemon-lime shaded GAP polo and looking in the mirror in my tiny bathroom that you couldn't outstretch your arms in. I hated my life at that time.

So as the oracle of 2008 here is what I would say to the me of 7 years ago.

  • You will love other people
  • You will love yourself
  • You will currently have and still do have wonderful friends. Love and appreciate them for all they are worth, they are there for the long haul.
  • You don't give your parents enough credit...and you wont change that anytime soon.
  • You do not get your dream job but you are more successful than you anticipated.
  • Go where the wind takes you....you have no idea where you are going and you aren't going to know anytime soon.

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