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Camera reviews and Best Buy

This saturday I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot T70.

It sucked don't buy it. I am a very logical thinker and do not have trouble with computer systems, setting clocks or general electronics. I couldnt get this think flash when I wanted to and out of the 140 pictures I took only 3 were clear. I even rested it on top of a book shelf to take a picture and it said it was unstable. Unless its earthquake season in Minnesota. For 279.99 before tax I expected a little more point and shoot to my point an shoot camera.

Also one of my main reasons for purchasing a new camera is that I wanted the feature where I could swap colors in my camera or take pictures in black and white with only one color remaining. I SPECIFICALLY asked for this feature and and my little ditzy sales lady said uh yes and it can...lalalal. Okay well no it can not do that as I sadly found out after reading the manual and cutting through my if this seal is broken you will have a 15% restocking fee.So I had had it after 3days together I was ready to call it quits and face the best buy return isle. One glass of wine for courage and I was on my way. I as plesantly as I could explained to the teenager behind the desk that I am not mad at them but I am very upset and Im sorry if I yell. I did not yell, and as long as I was willing to exchange the camera I did not have to pay the restocking fee.

Then I was escorted off to my camera section were a very nice gentelman helped me choose the camera that did the feature I wanted AND actually walked me through all the features best yet it used the same type of memory card as my old camera. So when all ways said and done I got a $80 refund to my credit card and a camera I actually wanted.

This was my one and ONLY positive customer service experience at best buy.

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