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Red Conversation

Red: are u going on vacation
Me: yeah
Red: where to
Med: mexico...cabo
Red: by yourself?
Me: 5-day cruise
Me: nope me and someone esle
Red: who
Me: me and dana
Red: wow
Me: we are going to the zoo and spend a couple days in sandiego too
Red: thats gonna cost a pretty penny
Me: not to bad for hotel air and cruise it was 897
Red: does dana have a good job?
Me: not bad, pharmacy tech
Red: u paying for the both of u?
Me: hell no, thats what tax refunds are for

This is where I want to strangle him. I think he was under the impression I was swimming in money. I will tell you this $897 dollar vacation is the ABSOLUTE biggest vacation I have ever been on that does not include parents or thier supportive financing. And why would I pay for someone else to go? If I was married and our financaes were combinded then I maybe would contribute more but I am by no means a sugar momma.

Red: oh when did you decide about this vacation
Me: we just booked a couple weeks ago i had to make sure it was all okay with my new job
Red: that could've been us


Me: mmm I dunno
Red: why not

Oh God...redirect, redirect

Me: but thats all in the past you seem to have a new girlfriend to entertain you
Red: ehh i dont know yet
Me: i saw your picture the caption was so gushy i almost puked
Red: shes very immature
Red: i only put that on to piss off cassie which was stupid
Me: talk about maturity
Red: she stays here all the time
Me: at your place
Red: yeah
Me: does she have bad roomates?
Red: huh? no
Red: i let her move in
Red: i was tired of being alone
Ava: huh? Are you kidding me
Red: no
Me: how long have you been together?
Red: i was desperate for company and needed to get cassie off my brain which hasnt worked one bit
Red: about a month and a half
Me: your completely useing this girl and kinda lying to her or at least misrepresenting how you feel or your intentions or something
Red: i have been honest with her 100%
Red: and shes' sticking with me
Me: youve said im still in love with my ex I want you to move in because im lonely?
Red: pretty much
Me: there is so much wrong with that I dont even know where to begin

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