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Shrinking Scrubs

Wednesday was my very first day at my new job. I am pretty stoked to be sporting supervisor in my title (even if there is an assistant in front of it). Im also excited that my super cool pay raise did not come with a maxed out macy's card for endless prim and proper suits. Nope this job came with a major bonus...SCRUBS! Hum what should I wear today...scrubs, tommorow scrubs, next week scrubs scrubs scrubs. I love that I dont have to make decisions before my morning caffine.

Anyways that was a tangent. About 3weeks ago I bought some scrubs tried them on even when to the pets store in them...just to see the perfomance value. Loved em, washed them hung em up. So what the hell happened on my first day of work when I pulled on my new daily outfit? My pants were slightly snug and GASP about 4inches too short. Literally. They floated above the top of my shoes and the lowish rise now turned into LOW RISE, bending over was not good.

Well I didnt have a whole lot of choice in the matter so I went to my first day on the job introduced to a bizzilion new people I dont know the name of and oofta all while wearing floods.

Have no fear I did have two other pairs of scrubs (different) brand that didnt shrink so Ill just have to be doing a bit more laundry than I normally perfer until I get more.

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