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Coincidences and New Job Update

Aren't the little coincidences in life odd? These are things I used to readily dismiss but lately I've been feeling the need to over analyze things.

Case 1: I live literally 3blocks form the hotel I stayed at when I was 5 and my dad had an interview because he wanted to move to Minnesota. He didnt get the job...this was his only interview out of state....ever.

Case 2: I get rejected from ALL CLS internships in college (a 1/2 chance) just 2 months later I was accepted into the summer Lab science program a 7 spots over 300 applicants.

Case 3: I love Seattle and I do maintain that if my life ever totally falls to shit and I no longer have anyone here to care about or cares about me I will pack up my dogs and move. My first day at my new job my boss has flowers on my desk and buys me a cup of Seattle's best at our down the hall coffee kiosk.

The job: More than I ever imagined. My boss is absolutely wonderful. A hidden tough cookie but a total "for the people" type. Believes in helping people succeed and not dwelling on the major corporate conundrums that are out of our control. And on my first two mini-projects I even got email kudos says "that's it, you've done it now...we absolutely have to keep you" Not bad for a first week.

I'm handling the sick patients with sad family's thing okay. I need to get over my staring problem but Ive been pretty good about it. A very sad case even came up and even though I wasn't there when it happened I heard the story through the grapevine and it really didn't bother me. I was shocked...we will is this detachment remains when I'm closer to the cause.

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