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Weekend Fun

Ava has been a busy girl the last couple weekends and I quite simply haven't had the time to blog about all of my goings on so today's post will be a marathon of catching up.

Last weekend:

Saturday I went to Keystone's wedding it was lovely. A country club ceremony (which usually would make me puke) but it was intimate they wrote their own vows which they stumbled through complete with several laughing breaks. The food was good free beer and all and all a good time. Of course that was mostly because Alice was there and we could console each other on being single and fabulous.

Sunday started out on a sour note Alice, Curious, Bag and I were ready to set out for Lallapoloza however we were 3tickets short. The website was failing to email the tickets and there was no phone number to be found. Figuring we couldn't go wrong with a day trip to Chicago we set out for the 5hour drive anyway. We stopped at an Asian market in elk grove and then went to smoke which had the best mac and cheese ever...the BBQ its known for was pretty good too.

When we got to the lake shore the ticket situation was solved and we were in. I think I'm getting a little old for music festivals because the amount of people pot, BO and teenage stupidity was a bit annoying but then again I was sober. We only got to take in two shows: Gnarles Barkley and Kayne West. Now I'm not a big Kayne West fan but live and on his home turf the guy was awesome. Alice has since made me listen to him a lot and he's starting to grow on me even more.

On to this weekend adventure:
Wednesday evening we set out for Nebraska to visit Hairnet and Hef (Cobie was flying in to join us on Friday)...boy is that a horribly long and boring drive and that doesn't even mention the entire state of Iowa which for some reason drives under the speed limit and has construction cones on half the roads for no reason. Highlights of the trip:

  • Getting spam postcards at a rest-stop
  • Playing taboo...3 times
  • Alice talking about Garbage pail kids in her sleep
  • Realizing I forgot my Driver's license and all I had was my old expired one
  • Making fun of the home schooled kid across the street who had to play by herself
  • Going to a backyard Nebraska wedding....so many bug bits but they had a keg of Stella
  • Winning darts at the most horrible gay bar...red states are not known for their gay bars I guess
  • Getting invited as another Platonic date for a wedding (Cobie's sister is getting married)
  • Dreaming with Cobie about backpacking in Europe this spring (Stay tuned for a full post)
  • Getting yelled at by that mean lady downstairs that said we were being loud on a Saturday night (get a life)
  • Cherry Vodka with fresca and sprite
  • I whunt a cinnamon whun and a regular whun
  • wii Steven Tyler looks even scarier when animated
  • Electric Feel by MGMT
  • Sharing a tiny purple velvet blanket with miss bed hog Alice....it's better than a towel though.
  • Jackie Pants

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