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Damnit Rory

So awhile ago Rory was talking about writing a book. Over a lunch which lasted 3hrs due to horridly poor service we passed back and forth story lines and character names. It was good fun. She also started a blog specifically for little fiction tidbits shes playing around with... view Rory's Writing Blog here.

Anyways my bottom line was I miss it. My blog has been getting me back into writing and quite frankly I love it. I've always liked writing but those dreams died the moment I choose science for my major. Granted I don't regret my decision but still there is that itch.

I want to write a book. If I imagined myself writing a book it would be sarcastic little snip its much like this blog but that's not the story line that came to mind. It's total chick-lit. I don't have time to start this project and quite frankly I have no idea where to begin but I have a story line and about a dozen loosely thrown together chapter ideas.

The premise:
30yr old Pella moves to the city (Chicago of course) to get her life back on track and live the life she wants to. She's a total single girl who has given up the whole knight and shinning armor thing. She has a french bulldog and is saving up to adopt a child. She works as a laboratory auditor at CAP. Pella has fun with her two bffs best gay, and married gal pal. She meets mister perfect (Max) while on a Saturday run on the lake shore. Insert whirl whin romance here. Funny meeting with the parents, proposal etc. I don't want to ruin it by giving away the twists and surprise ending . Basically its a quest by an independent girl who finds the love of her life that she never knew she needed.

I just read it and it sounds horrible without all the stuff I don't want to give away, but trust me I've spent the last two nights thinking up scenes and its a decent idea.


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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    5:11 PM  

    Damnit Yourself- haha. jk

    Ok so check these out:

    See Jane Write: A Girl's Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs

    Will Write for Shoes: How to Write a Chick Lit Novel by Cathy Yardley

    This Is Chick-Lit by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (Paperback - Sep 1, 2006)

    And when I'm done with my book and you're done with yours we can co-author the brianchild of all chick lit novels.

    thanks for reading - and commenting!

    -Rory top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    9:33 AM  

    am i married? or is that kristen? that bitch. i do love chick lit, that and cheesy teen movies are my secret dark life i try to keep from people. like batman. top