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Who's Going to Talk me Down Off this Ledge?

Rory, Tiff, and some girl who's blog I read (dategirldiaries.com) are all headed down "happily ever lane" thanks to a small financial investment in match.com. I haven't wanted to date lately, for nearly a year. Of course I did end up in that ill fated relationship with Smiley which only reinforced my desire to avoid all things dating wise. However after a couple months of pure singletom I'm starting to reconsider.

I could potentially be moving as soon as next summer...however with my job, tuition reimbursement, bills, housing market and everything else outside of my control that rules such major life transitions it will be more likely to be the summer of 2010. So do I really want to sit here on my hands until I'm 29?

Lets look at some worst case scenarios?

  • No one messages me: my ego takes a hit and I loose some money giving it a try....eh I can cancel after a couple months if nothing happens.
  • I only have really crappy dates: well ladies and gentleman that is the blog content you've been waiting for isn't it?
  • I fall blissfully in love with some guy who is chained to Rochester. This one would suck, but I don't completely hate Rochester and its something that would have to play itself out.
  • I get my little heart broken: I really think I've toughened up on this one and my little heart is finally decently armored.
So I am presenting to you my very first poll...oh this is exciting think of it like a quiz but allot shorter. Anyways the poll will be open until Sunday at midnight (7-27-08). Vote so I feel loved.

Photo by: My Olympus

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  • Blogger Kristen says so:
    1:24 PM  

    Well, whatever descison you make : check this out
    http://15minutedate.com/blog/ top

  • OpenID breathewithme says so:
    10:01 PM  

    I missed the poll....but in all fairness you know it was a terrible night for me... I'm glad you're doing match.com

    it worked for dategirldiaries so far so why not! top

  • Anonymous alice says so:
    2:19 PM  

    i need to hear dating horror stories as i have no desire to date i need to live vicariously through someone else. maybe you will meet some not horrible people at the wedding! top

  • Blogger Date Girl says so:
    8:49 PM  

    Hey there, I missed your poll too, but I hope you go for it. You have nothing to lose, maybe just $30 bucks, so why not? I hope it works out for you like it did for me. :-) top