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Holy Smokes Batman...A Movie Review

Go to to hell, go directly to hell, do not pass go or collect $200.

So because I had absolutely no purpose at work today I got to skip out 40 minutes early...of course I went home and studied, yeah right I'm taking Thursday off so I will surely procrastinate until then.

Nope I went to go see The Dark Knight..in digital on the mega screen. So here is my non-spoiler review and quite frankly there is nothing to spoil. It was another batman movie...there were struggles between good and evil There were cool cars, a guy dressed in black and a wacky villain. Perhaps my estrogen levels kept me from appreciating all the special effects but I spent more time picking out Chicago landmarks then paying attention to explosions.

The story line? Tepid at best. There was no real love romance that I at all cared about, I didn't get all to attached to anyone and quite frankly the movie was just too long to keep my interest. There was one point when I thought it was over but they threw in a twist that made it drag on for yet another 45minutes.

But...but Heath Ledger and his crowning performance before his untimely death. It was so excellent he deserves an Oscar. Yeah well set up my burning coals in Hades because it was Ok...he did a good job with it but I certainly didn't leave the theater saying brilliance.

Personally sexy Heath will live on in my memory for his awesome movies....such as 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knights Tale and Brokeback Mountain. You know movies where we actually saw his face and he had more than one emotion. So call me cold but personal if the guy was still alive it would be just another Batman movie...entertaining but nothing more.


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:52 PM  

    Thanks for the review! I'm not running to see this anytime soon so I appreciate the honest feedback about it. Now I won't feel so bad!

    PS: I loved A Knights Tale :) top