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Undate Part 2

Roomie's camping plans were canceled as a result of falling trees in Iowa taking out electrical lines. For once mother nature is ruling in my favor. So instant puppy baby sitter. So I'm on again for my annual hangout with Birthday. We are going to centennial park in Edina to play bocce ball. This could prove potential disaster.

First of all mosquitoes love me...and I don't like to use repellent it makes my nose bleed. Then there is the whole uncoordinated thing. I can walk on perfectly flat ground and fall down. Add in grass with holes, sticks and balls and its a recipe for a sprained ankle. Oh well its good for me to be out in the sun...I remember hearing something about vitamin D.

After hanging out I am going to be staying at a 4-star for the price of a 2-star....sorry I'm in love with price line.

On Saturday I will be hanging with old work friends at the zoo, followed by dinner and drinks :)

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    9:48 AM  

    I hope it all worked out and you were slightly coordinated! :) top