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Thats it bachelorette we are over!

Confession time. I've been watching the bachelorette. I would like to say I just catch it when I happen to be home and channel surfing...I would like to say just tivo it but its far worse than that. Not only do I Tivo it so I can watch it again but I make sure I'm home monday nights so I can watch it live. I sit through commercials wishing I can fast forward them.

You see I saw DeAnna when she got her heart broken on the bachelor...I cried. Okay now those of you who are well acquainted with me know I cry at the drop of a hat but oh did I cry for poor DeAnna's broken heart. Then when the bachelorette came she had the chance for love. My broken hearts were never on T.V. of they were I so would have gotten my own show...Lord knows I play the favorite underdog well.

I would like to say I'm mad at DeAnna. I may have started watching the show for her but over the course of the show my compulsive watching was really because I "fell in love" with Jason. A single dad, he's so warm, so caring. The guy she chose was nice enough but he wasn't my guy...I cant take reality turmoil.

Photo of DeAnna Pappas from About.com

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