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It's been about 3months since my last period. Most girls would be freaking out but this is quite normal for me....especially since I can't even remember the last time I was close enough to a penis to become impregnated...god the child would have been born by now.

Anyways I'm hoping today's funk is due to pms. The signs are there

  • I cried at a commercial
  • I watched a lifetime movie and cried again
  • My tummy hurts
  • I've sat on my couch a lot
  • I've googled people I haven't spoken to in years
I did not go to the gym...I did not finish my 15miles and I don't want to hear about it. Today I'm impressed I got the motivation to take a shower. I feel a bit guilty about the 4th. It was supposed to be this long relaxing 5day weekend at home and it turned into this

  • Tuesday after work drive to parents house arrive at 9pm
  • Wednesday drive 2hrs round trip to pick up grandma, have dinner with parents
  • Thursday hang out with grandma, 3ish take 2hr train ride to Chicago....hang with Cobie
  • Friday-Cobie
  • Saturday-Get up early-drive 2hrs to 3yr old cousins bday party...where I have been threatened with lynching if I show up late. Spend of the rest of the day with extended family, return home with patents (2hr drive home)
  • Sunday wake up leave around 12 for a good 6hr drive home with the dogs.
The whole weekend sounds daunting to me. Am I a total bitch for wanting to cancel on all of them and spend five days locked in my room with my dogs? To make matters worse I'm getting the vibe from my parents that they aren't particularly thrilled with me taking a huge chunk out of the weekend to spend with Cobie. I rather not cancel though. True I will be seeing him in august and taking the Chicago trip out of the equation would simplify things but I want to see his new apartment and I think he would be uber pissed if I canceled. Maybe Ill just stay Thursday night and then come home on Friday. That would save him a trip to a toddlers bday party as well.

Okay real time update...I just canceled with Cobie...he is such a saint not to self plan a just-Cobie weekend.

Photo: Art.com
Goal Progress: By bike 4.0miles, walking 2 (ish) miles or so I'm told (Total 13.86) God I suck.

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  • Blogger Punky says so:
    9:40 PM  

    Another way to look at it -- we are in perpetual PMS -- Pre-- Present and Post.

    But I am also bloated with watery goodness -- my back hurts and today I was so abnormally gassy that I grossed myself out.

    Oh yeah and I've been crying at dumb things like song lyrics that aren't sad -- or the fact that I am out of kleenex and am too lazy to get off my butt to get a new one -- or that my pjs are too small and I look faintly like a squash.

    Time for a midol and sleep for me. top