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Burtha isn't Feeling well

My car has been acting funny. When I start my car the first couple of times I brake the abs kicks on. I like my abs breaks I do not like them kicking on on a sunny June day. Anyways I absolutely have to get them fixed because I'm going home for the 4th and my dad always finds a reason to drive my car just to make sure its not going to burst into flames.

So I made an appointment for tomorrow which means I have to drop off my car tonight. I asked my roomie if she would go with me to drop it off so she could give me a ride home. She agreed and said she would be home at 7pm. So I bummed around all evening waiting for her to arrive home, 7:00, 7:30, 8:15 RING....its her.

R: Ummmm, Hi will you be awake to drop off your car at 11?

A: Ummm....well probably not I have to catch my bus at 5:30am

R: Humm, oh well I'm in Winona right now (Insert long explanation involving a cousin and forgotten place cards for a wedding this weekend)...So it'll be awhile until I get there.

A: Oh, don't worry about it. I can get one of my friends to drive me, no big deal.

R: (whining) Are you....suuuuuurrrrrre? I'm reeaaalllly sorrrry.

A: Yeah no problem, I gotta go though, bye bye.

Sigh dammit not I have to convince someone to drive me over there. I'm not annoyed at roommate per say. If she would have just said no in the first place, or called me during the day and said something had come up...or at the very least call me sometime before 1hr after she was supposed to be home it would have been nice.

I could have just gone straight after work and had the shuttle take me home. This was not longer an option. On my third phone a friend I got lucky. So I'm annoyed shocker. I have this thing you can say no to me anytime you want but please please PLEASE don't say you'll do something and puss out!

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