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Oprah Mantra

Oprah once told me to find something to be thankful for everyday....Today I am thankful for cheep Mexican wine, my Bose speakers, itunes, my cannon camera and in impending parental visit to get my house in ship shape....so its appropriate for viewing by aforementioned parental units.

I spent my afternoon rockin' out the the Dresden Dolls and drinking Viognier by Don Lus Vetto Vinicola L.A.Cetto 2006 reserve. (2006 seems hardly long enough to go to be considered reserve but I will let it slide. I tend to be giving like that.

After my cleaning binge I thought humm this is a good opportunity to take pictures of the house for whatever reason one might need pictures of their own dwelling....well all that turned out was these. The wine glass if from a set I received from my dad a couple Christmas's ago. The grocery list is new :P and random but I liked the picture none the less.

Note to self: Tomatoes is spelled wrong.

itunes has now blessed me with playing two cake bake bettey songs in a row it is a good day.

Second note to self: The is a second bottle of wine in the freezer don't forget it!

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