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My first day of phlebotomy class was Tuesday. I went the night before at 1am, getting there in the door at 7am wasn’t easy but I made it within the nick of time. What do they decide to do at 8am prior to my first caffeine break? Oh darken the room and show an hour long movie on drawing blood. I fought it I REALLY REALLY did around 20minutes in I felt myself nodding off as my head jerked up. I was sitting near the front of the room so I’m sure it was noticeable.

45 minutes in only 15 to go…I leaned back in my chair no resting my elbows on my table to hold up my head that was just asking for trouble. I lean back and force my eyes open….my head its so heavy and it has a kink in it ill just move let it bend to my right shoulder.

BAM….lights go on. Our leader says something that sounds like a question…but I didn’t quite catch it. What the hell happened to the last 15minutes? Was I snoring? Who noticed? Did they turn the lights on because I was still sleeping? Damnit it’s like High school geometry all over again.

I panic. My palms sweat and I look around the room. She is going person by person. People seem to be saying random things about to movie…maybe what we found interesting? I will have to answer.

Umm I thought it was interesting how the Mayo standards differ from the CLSI standards when it comes to tourniquet application and order of draw.”

Did I answer the question I’m not quite sure but I do know someone down the line said basically the same thing I did. Okay it wasn't my brightest moment but in a way I think I redeemed my 15 year old self. Hey its better than my old standby of, "What was the question?"

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