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Spacebags my hero

Vacation packing always seems easy when you are leaving for your trip coming home is always the hard part. When I went to the airport my bad was just 3lbs shy of the 50lb max. I was now returning back to my homestead with several souvenirs which included 4 bottles of wine and a bottle of olive oil. Bottles or liquid are not as light as I would have liked. I obviously cant carry them on so I had to get creative by packing everything I possibly could into my backpack to displace the added weight.

I was able to fit all of the following in my backpack. Kinda Impressive don't you think?

  1. Beach towel
  2. 4 pairs of pants
  3. 3 pairs of shorts/capris
  4. sweatshirt
  5. king size down pillow
  6. 7 shirts
  7. several pairs of underwear & bras
  8. 2 dresses
  9. Camera
  10. Tons of charging chords
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Me

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