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I smile to much

I have not abandoned my blog I’ve just been busy and to prevent a 20-page entry I’m going to throw out some topics I hope to include in the future so stay tuned:

1-Book Reviews
2-Jessica Simpson Moment (hopefully to become a recurring feature)
3-The magic of the spacebag
4-Vacation in Mexico
6-I want a used baby

Today’s topic however is admittedly somber. Rory unexpectedly lost her father last week. Alice and I went to the visitation yesterday. As far as these types of things go it wasn’t bad. I got to see Rory’s mom and meet her new boyfriend whom is admittedly perfect. They really did a nice job of bringing in old pictures and having typed up stories all around the room.

You would think I would be better at these things. Far too many of my close friend’s fathers have died. They have all been rather sudden and I find it horrifying that one day hopefully later than sooner I will one day get that phone call. I have never had anyone close to me die. My grandmother passed away. I was of course sad but really I only saw her every couple years. So when I’m put in these situations I quite frankly can’t even BEGIN to understand. Also I’m a nervous smile-er and laugh-er which I don’t think is received well by people in mourning. I’m glad Alice is about as good at this type of thing as I am at least we weren’t alone while sitting there not knowing what to say.

Oh pooh. Smiley just called and wants me to go to a party tonight. I much rather sit in front of my TV and catch up with my DVR.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4:18 PM  

    You and Alice were perfect -- just being there meant so much to me and it was perfectly fine to smile and laugh - We've been trying to do the same all week by sharing and grieving.

    -Rory top