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Are those panties in your purse or are you just happy to see me?

I was running late for work (Shocker). As per usual I ran to my laundry room threw on my clean scrubs and ran out the door before being inoculated with dog hair. I got dressed a smidge too quickly and on my walk to the bus stop I knew I had a problem. The underwear was heading south. It began as a small slide down my backside then my not so hips failed to hold them up...before i knew it my underwear was in a half scrunch roll resting on my thighs the crotch of my pants preventing their further migration.

This is really uncomfortable.

Now at the bus stop I look around to make sure the coast is clear and dive deep into my pants to correct the situation. This can not be done modestly.

5 minutes later the bus comes and I steeped up the 3 stairs to my seat. My underwear once again down for the count.

So I get to work and take them off, i figured it was just better that way. But one thing I can not recommend is going commando in very thin scrubs when one is running around all day.

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