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So Sleepy

I've been a relatively good sport about getting up in the morning for the last 26 years but the words I heard this morning shook me to the core. "Be here at 6:15." Did I hear that right? I can stay late to leave at 6:15pm, I can arrive and 6:15pm in the evening to start my work but expecting me to wake up let alone be dressed conscious and physically present someplace at 6:15am is asking quite a bit.

Don't worry I'm getting prepared its 8:24pm my shades are closed, lights off save the TV and computer and I'm 10minutes into a dose and a half of "Nite time" Night Quill's bastard son. The real dickens of this situation is my bus schedule doesn't really jive with the 6:15 start time so I will actually have to be up and out of the house by 5:20am...which means my alarm clock time has to start with the number 4. Now that is a certain threshold with me. If I every reach 300lbs Ill kill myself and if I have to get up at any time starting with 4 I also want to die. Unfortunately suicide doesn't seem a viable option my house is far to messy.

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