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Family Feud

So I have once again broached the subject of moving to Chicago to my parents. My mother is staying neutral on the issue because I'm an adult and need to follow my own path. My father is resistant to the idea to say the least.

I've pretty much reached the decision that mayo and Rochester is a phase in my life and will come to a close in the next few years. I have dreams of a Chicago style loft on the north side that is cramped has an old balcony, drafts in the winter and outrageous taxes. I will take my dogs in their coach collars on walks to the nearby dog park and go for bike rides on the lake shore. I will have happy hour cocktails with my friends and ride the L while listening to my iPhone.

My father envisions me raped and murdered because I took the wrong train. This is not a fear of mine but my dad is playing a new card. Guilt doesn't work as well as its used to...and he has now moved into the preliminary stages of bribery and compromise of the Schaumburg. My grandmother will be moving in with my parents. Her home requires major work before it could be rented or sold. Enter the seed. A very reasonably priced home (family discount) in a nice neighborhood in the suburbs where I would have enough money left over to do any renovations I wished and have a home that is very "me."

Can dreams be bought? Probably. Why do you think I'm still in Rochester? Its hard to turn down a good paycheck and a good job. Check back with me in 3years we will see where I'm living.

On the flip side I think I'm going to not mention moving until I am in a position to do so, but I'm going to have to figure out a way to win dad over.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    4:24 PM  

    I so don't want you to move. =( top